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Professional International Trade & Consultancy


Aerial Firefighting

We supply the Turkish Ministry of Forestry and the Undersecretariat for Defense Industries with forest firefighting products, including fire retardant and firefighter safety equipment for over a decade.

Ground Firefighting

We supply the Undersecretariat for Defense Industries with ground firefighting technologies, such as ground retardants.

Technical Workwear

We provide governmental institutions as well as private companies with high-quality construction and medical workwear and safety equipment.


Who are we?

Founded in 1993, ASIA LTD. is a Turkey based international trade and consultancy company, which has since established business relations with renowned local and global partners. 

Our clients and partners span across many industries:  forestry, defense, construction, IT and energy.

As ASIA LTD., our vision compels us to constantly explore new opportunities. Please contact us for partnerships.